About Me

Hello! I am Candace Yaeger

--I am a woman on a mission - a mission to help people realize their fullest potential, and provide them with the tools and support to reach that potential.
My passion is empowering others to realize their passions and goals, and facilitate the aligning of their passions with their work or their businesses, leading to a more fulfilling, purposeful life and career.
I believe that you can be wildly successful and feel fulfilled and satisfied in your life and your career.

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Who is Candace Yaeger? read more below

I help people align their work and their lives.

Candace Yaeger

Who is Candace Yaeger?

Success Coach. Entrepreneur. Connector. Leader. Mentor.

Change Facilitator. Professional Performance Guru. Collaborator. Business Coach. Human Potential Catalyst. Founder. Creator. Innovative Thinker & Doer.

Candace was born, raised and educated in Philadelphia PA, where she continues to be active in the community.
Throughout her career, Candace has instinctively been supporting others and facilitating success. She takes her mantra “lift as you climb” quite seriously. She is proud of her reputation as a ‘connector’ in her network connecting others to the right people, resources or information to get to the next level in their careers or businesses. She has served in leadership roles, such as Board Chair of the Professional Women's Network of the Pyramid Club. She organized and co-founded Drexel's Entrepreneurship Association for Graduates and Alumni while obtaining her MBA at Drexel, after observing the need for such a community. She has a passion for mentoring, and has participated in formal mentoring programs such as Startup Corps/Schoolyard ventures as well as informal mentoring of entrepreneurs outside of a program. She has volunteered her time and resources to non-profits and charitable causes. Her commitment to the non-profit EducationWorks includes more than six years of service, the co-founding of a Young Professionals Network to benefit the organization, as well as being awarded as a Champion for Children for her outstanding advocacy and support of the organization.

What is Candace's background?

She has a Master’s degree in Psychology Clinical Counseling from LaSalle University. It was here that she not only cultivated her passion for human behavior but she discovered an interest in industrial organizational psychology . Candace has worked with diverse populations using solution-focused, goals-oriented approaches especially Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Candace discovered early in her counseling career that even though she was proficient in helping those who were struggling to improve, she had an exceptional talent for facilitating those who are doing well to excel. Early in Candace’s counseling career, she had aspirations of opening her own practice.

In 2011, Candace left the counseling world to take a leap of faith with her husband into the business world to pursue a dream which was, quite literally, envisioned during a walk on the beach. The result was the founding of Green Skyline, which ultimately became Green Skyline Solar, a utility-scale solar company. It was during this development in her own personal journey that she realized that her knowledge of psychology and human behavior was a true asset to her in her business dealings and she discovered her true calling. Candace went on to obtain an MBA from Drexel University where she focused in entrepreneurship and innovation management. Now, Candace combines her expertise in human behavior, her acute understanding of the relationship between thinking, behavior, and habits with professional performance, and her business acumen to help other professionals realize their fullest potential and achieve their definition of ‘wild success.’

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