Why choose Candace as your coach?

She got to know me on a personal level

“I have had the pleasure of working with Candace over the past year as she has helped develop my interviewing skills, which in turn landed me a new job and new career path. When I first started working with Candace, I had no idea there was so much out there on how to interview, how to become more knowledgeable about the job market, and ultimately transition into a new career. It can be scary to make a change and having the support of an expert in the field makes all the difference. More importantly, really getting to know a client is key in helping them achieve their goals and help them to succeed. Candace did just that. She got to know me on a personal level, where I want to be, what makes me tick, how I motivate myself, and what inspires me to succeed. Candace was able to coach me on how to interview. What should I know? What should I ask? What would be asked? If it wasn’t for her consistent coaching and development, I would not be where I am. I would highly recommend Candace to get you to the next step and help you achieve your goals!”
-JS., Project Manager, Philadelphia

She has taught me skills to achieve my goals

“When I first met Candace, I immediately noticed her professionalism, confidence and genuine personality. At the time, I was in a difficult career transition and in the process of uncovering new opportunities. After learning about my situation, Candace offered such incredibly valuable help, support and guidance and introduced me to many positive people, including the owner of the company I now work for.
Over the past year, working with Candace has been an enriching journey of growth and discovery. She has taught me skills to achieve my goals and overcome challenging situations in both my professional and personal life. It is clear that Candace’s extensive experience in psychology and business, paired with her sincere nature, make her a fantastic success coach and mentor!”
-C.C., Client Relations Manager, Philadelphia

Candace’s genuine personality shines through

“Candace has helped guide me to become a successful business owner. She has helped me every step of the way with my business plan; including branding, marketing, and networking. Although I had no prior business experience, I now have a profitable company. She has provided invaluable support and genuinely believes in me and my business. Her experience and extensive business knowledge has not only thoroughly educated me and gave me clarity on the situation at hand but also helped me make important decisions. In turn, I feel like Candace has taught me more than I could ever have learned on my own. Candace’s genuine personality shines through her overwhelmingly positive attitude and her enthusiasm to help others. Candace is definitely someone you want to work with!”
-A.W., Cosmetics Line Founder, Philadelphia